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Twin Flames

12/09/2014 19:00:00

The ultimate goal of the ascension is the inner union of the masculine and feminine principles, that is to say the highest state of balance and self-realization (Christ consciouness). This inner union is outwardly reflected in the physical through the sacred twin flame union.

What is a twin flame?

It is the soul's other half: it is two souls born of the last division of the divine fabric; one single soul splits and two people incarnate. If you have already met your twin flame, you'll know thanks to some of the following signs: the magnetism you feel in the beginning is extremely powerful; you receive unmistakable information in the form of visions, messages, and sensations. From those moments on, you have to learn to trust yourself. If you haven't met your twin flame but feel the topic resonates with you, there is the potential for you to meet them in the future.

Some people carry the twin flame nature within themselves, meaning early on in their lives, they know they are destined to live a special connection anchored in a special love, divine love, which radically stands out from the human romanticized, eroticized, and institutionalized "love" that is now the norm.

Self-exploration prior to the first meeting with the twin flame is required. That is supposed to help get prepared for this divinely orchestrated meeting which happens at the perfect time when both twins are ready (often right before or after a kundalini awakening meant to break down the old identity). This mutual recognition sets off a new cycle of intense purification which will lead, or not, depending on the commitment towards the mission, to the reunion of both partners on the physical plane.

In other words, the purification of the two beings is necessary for their harmonization to occur.

The goal of this type of connection is the reinstatement of divine love and of the twin flame consciousness on the planet. Divine love and intimate relationships have been abused throughout history and the time has come for humanity to reclaim its true origins and fifth-dimensional frequency which is significantly higher than the current third-dimensional frequency.

The beings who carry this mission within themselves are highly sensitive and don't understand the brutality of the world around them. They have an innate perception of love with is not in alignement with today's dysfunctional and rather artificial relationship template. They spontaneously imbue love with a sacred flavor which has largely been lost in our patriarchal cultures. Therefore, they also feel lost because what feels familiar to them is nowhere to be found.

Where can they get in touch with what they instinctively know to be true, and how can they demonstrate it in an environment which is at odds, thwarts and even ridicules their intuition? How can they find the essence of this sacred union back again after living an entire life in the grips of a conditioning based on the ignorance of the divine truth and which constantly reinforces the separation between the human and the divine? 

The Way of the twin flames is a path to enlightenment and mastery. For the souls involved in it, it is about accepting to go through the healing process mentioned above to attain the state of perfected being, the diamond state. It is a process that takes you back to yourself, that is to say the inner sacred union that lies beyond the separation between human and divine in order for you to remain connected to the divine Source of unconditional love. This process brings about a complete transformation of interpersonal relationships that helps you outgrow co-dependency and reach interdependency. Once this new frequency is attained, the reunion can happen between two autonomous, illumined beings.

It is imperative to understand that the twin flame connection comes with a mission which is, as indicated above, the reinstatement of a union and intimacy template which has been perverted, corrupted and degraded. It is also important to understand this is a work connection before it is a romantic one: marriage and children are not the priority and until both partners embrace the connection, there is no relationship. Lastly, the process of the bona fide/authentic twin flames is quite excruciating and is not to be worn like a badge of honor: the souls that incarnate to carry out this mission are old and advanced souls in service to humanity. There is a great confusion between these unions and more simple soul mate connections or other strong soul connections.



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