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Ascension - Path of the Divine Feminine
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Sexual Energies


The sexual energies are the creative energies of the universe. They are the divine energies. The masculine and the feminine (think about the symbol of the Yin and Yang in Lao Tse’s taoism).

In sacred geometry, the structure of space-time (Creation) consists of several building blocks. Originally, those are the circle (the feminine) and the tetrahedron (the tetrahedron is the representation of Yahweh in the Hebrew Bible; also think about the Star of David).


In the Hebrew Bible, YHWH is represented by a geometrical symbol, the tetrahedron

Artwork from physicist Nassim Haramein's movie: Crossing the Event Horizon


Current physics at the edge of research on the quantum (the infinitely small) and the cosmological (the infinitely big) exploring the structure of the connected universe, the unified field, the aether, the akasha, is coming back to the knowledge of the Ancients and explains that the Flower of Life contains 64 tetrahedrons interlocked one within the other and that that arrangement remains within the confines of a circle within which their division is fractographic, meaning they can divide and sub-divide infinitely without ever coming out of their primary boundary. That esoteric symbol of the Flower of Life was well-known in ancient civilizations (temple in Ephesus in Turkey, the Forbidden City in Beijing and other places) and represents the structure of space-time, in other words, the origin of the physical universe.

The fractographic sub-division within an initial circle highlights the preeminence of inwardness: the universe is created inside an enveloppe which acts like a vault and that is also true for human beings: let’s realize, deeply realize, that we first create our lives within and then our creations are projected on the illusory screen of the physical universe.

This leads to the following realization: the act of "sub-dividing" our energies, summoning, directing and applying them, is a true act of divine creation and the results become visible outside, our material world being nothing else but a holographic universe (perceptible by the senses but without any absolute solidity).


This creative process reinstates the importance of daydreams and imagination. Let’s break down the word: i magi nation = "I am a nation of magicians." To daydream, to imagine is to create on the inner screen ("inner eye" or 3rd eye chakra) and to feel the dream life within. The vision sends a message to the mind, the feeling communicates a vibration to the body, which makes the dream real and almost palpable, tangible…physical. This is actually a mode of prayer and it is truly the first step of the creative process. To daydream, to imagine, to visualize and to feel is to harness one’s sexual energies; it is like setting the structure of space-time into motion. To do this consciously is much more powerful and forces us to stand as responsible creators with an intention (yet another word that highlights the preeminence of inwardness). That’s how life, creation becomes an intentional act and that we can cease to be puppets subjected to "chance" and victims of others, without any control over our future and becoming.


Another level of energy mastery is the act of harnessing the sexual energies to love. The sexual energies, in their higher octave, are…love itself. We normally think their only application is for seduction and sex but to know how to "grab" one’s sexual energies and make them rise up along the spine from the lower chakras all the way up to the higher chakras is true mastery, transmutation, transcendence and again, a true act of creation that transforms a low vibrating energy into a high vibrating one. It is a splendid act of musical composition that helps spread love all over the planet and in the universe. Simply doing that radically alters the potential future of humanity.

Harnessing the sexual energies at the level of the mind leads to high levels of focus and intelligence. Whenever we talk about "being scattered" (a student for example), it means the sexual energies are not properly harnessed. Good mental focus leads to intellectual prowess that we think are beyond our reach and to astounding creativity. An excellent mental sharpness also allows the structure of space-time to be bent – making it possible to do more in less time – and all sorts of accidents, oversights and addictions to be avoided. In Golden Atlantis, mind control was practiced to lift objects (think about an energy beam similar to a laser beam) and to regulate bodily functions (metabolism…). That, and much more, is what lies ahead for us when our dormant potentialities get reactivated.

Good health, a good energy flow, a good distribution of that flow thoughout the body is the result of a proper harnessing of the sexual energies. A healthy life style, fresh food, sufficient sleep, soft exercises are key factors of course, but the free flow of energy is paramount and is what allows the body to demonstrate its intelligence. It never was designed to get sick ("it could happen to anyone" is actually a lie) but to enjoy a permanent, optimal state of balance and vitality if the consciousness that lives in it gives it the credit it deserves.

Regarding language, the right and conscious use of the sexual energies can lead to radical shifts in social and human interactions. To strive to only use words that affirm the supremacy of life and the beauty in people without yielding to the temptation to relieve or to satisfy a wounded ego or a wounded inner child is literally transformational and highly rewarding for the individual. This sharp kind of awareness is what it takes to build a world of goodness and celebration where everyone can feel safe, seen, heard, received, supported and included.

Finally, the sexual energies are here to sublime the body and our desire for physical intimacy with the beloved. That is what sacred sexuality is all about: during the sexual act, the souls of both partners merge. That sexuality dissolves the personality and opens up to the universal. The orgasm, which, at this level of mastery, is not purely sexual and "localized" but energetic and "delocalized" (all the way to the most subtle layers of the soul) can be maintained for hours or even days and can be maintained voluntarily (illumination; the resurrection of Christ refers to this orgasmic state). It can also be attained without a sexual partner if the person is an initiate.

The right understanding and application of the sexual energies will make us act positively in other areas such as: parenthood, education, trade, business, finance, art, handicraft, agriculture, communication with the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, architecture, technology, industry, science, the governance of States, sports, health etc. That will drastically increase the opportunities for the development, evolution and elevation of our planet and will make us worthy universal citizens on good terms with the inhabitants of the whole solar system and beyond...

We should never forget that perverted sexual energies are the root cause of all the evils without exceptions that cover our planet nowadays. The slightest imbalance is a sexual imbalance to one degree or another. Whether we are talking about disease, physical, psychic or sexual abuse, starvation, overpopulation, illiteracy, war, economic crisis, the subjugation of one group by another, terrorism etc etc etc, the root cause is always…a distortion of the beautiful sexual energies.


Third Dimensional Flower of Life:
What Buckminster Fuller called the Vector Equilibrium
State of Perfect Balance

Image: Delegate Program, Resonance Academy


Flower of Life: from 3D to 2D

Image: Delegate Program, Resonance Academy


Vector Equilibrium/Flower of Life in 2D/flat

Image: Delegate Program, Resonance Academy



In order to transcend those current distortions, we will need to first realize and accept one very simple thing: on the individual (emotional, psychological and religious), societal (executive, legislative and judiciary), and global (diplomatic, geopolitical and military) levels, the dynamic at the core of our organization, functioning, behaviors and choices is a victim-perpetrator-savior type of dynamic. This dynamic is the result of an ancient indocrination meant to imprison, restrict and alienate individuals, societies and countries and represents the major impediment to our advancement toward a higher vibration.

It does not take very long, when watching the media especially, to see that when something perceived as negative happens, the task is to ask who is guilty and a culprit is generally found in a matter of a few short hours. Then, follows a succession of accusations, condamnations and threats which not only creates a climate of fear and distrust, but also the illusion and lie that a solution to the crisis has been provided, and that has the advantage of pacifying the masses and of sending them back to sleep. The root of any crisis being a sexual imbalance, it couldn’t be further from the truth: a sexual imbalance is when an individual, a society or a country feels incomplete and vulnerable. It is a state of deficit and lack. What is lacking? A sound energetic territory, a feeling of safety, expansion and stability resulting from the original union and harmonious dance of the sexual energies contained, reconciled and sealed within, with no energy leakage (Hieros Gamos). It cannot be anything else since energy is the only substance in the universe. To realize and accept this is to come back to the source of things and give ourselves permission to move forward.

What do the original union and harmonious dance of the sexual energies look like concretely? You fully live your life and you do not feel as if you are stealing anything away from someone else, in other words, you take care of yourself and listen to yourself; you do not play the sexual games (drama) of the people around you (you are not intimidated either by an aggressive controling personality or by a passive controling personality) and you also do not yield to the old dynamic (victim-perpetrator-savior), which means you adopt the higher perspective: "each situation serves my advancement", where the notions of offense and offender are abolished.

When someone does not master their sexual energies, they tend to act either like a victim or a perpetrator or a savior, meaning they are either submissive or domineering or prone to save a situation they consider they are not a part of, which is a lie since they give it their energy. A same person, in different circumstances, will take on the three different roles. Yesterday a victim, today a perpetrator, and tomorrow a savior. The victim needs a scapegoat, the perpetrator needs a prey, and the savior needs a lost soul to rescue. In each case, their unconscious goal is to energetically replenish themselves and mitigate a feeling of inner energetic deficiency. Women are more widely known to act like victims but insecure, defensive responses are manipulative; men are typically more aggressive but their aggressiveness tends to give rise to feelings of guilt, which is a form of castration preventing them from radiating a healthier masculinity. Women want to educate men (wounded feminine); men want to avoid hurting women (wounded masculine) and both are ways of rescuing the other. In fact, this distribution of roles is not dependent on gender but on the dominant principle, masculine or feminine, in the psyche of the person. That is the reason why it is absolutely crucial to understand that we should not fight for gender equality but work toward the healing of the sexual energies.

A master, a conscious being knows about the energetic workings of the universe and is aware that they should never take things personally. That is what makes them balanced, resilient, invincible, what allows them to perpetually be reborn from their ashes and resurrect like a christ after each crucifixion.

Nothing in the universe is more potent than the sexual energies. It is up to us to develop our intimacy with our own sexual energies, in other words, with our life force energy.



Taoist Symbol of Yin and Yang


Flower of Life - Leonardo da Vinci

Fractographic division
of circles and tetrahedra


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