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Sexual Energies: Seduction

13/09/2016 11:00:00

The seduction referred to in this article is not the one you might be thinking of. The seduction referred to here is a lot more insidious, profound and present in society than the seduction used by some people to attract a sexual partner or a partner for life, which is just one aspect of it. It is a form of psychic cancer and the ugly offspring of the virus described and explored in three recent articles on this blog. The seduction referred to here is born of a state of being absorbed by the outside reality at the expense of inward life. (You will better understand the significance of this article if you take the time to discover the origin and nature of the aforementioned virus.)

Seduction, which is everywhere in our cultures and psyches, is the obstacle to real freedom and self-love since it is impossible to be free and love yourself if you worry about how people look at you and if you are afraid to be yourself. It is the root cause of competitive behaviors - and therefore war - as well as manipulation, energy stealing and feeding that pervade and damage every stratum of daily and community life.

The subject is so vast it is extremely difficult to describe its ramifications in a short article. Let’s start by saying that we are so used to seduction that we don’t even see it anymore. We are used to being enticed, lured, tempted, subjugated, beguiled and so…seduced by…commercials, the media, politics, families that hang onto their values, their belief systems and their internal dynamics, school education, sciences (his-tory, physics etc), religions and spiritual teachings, all the way to the foods we eat: sugar, honey and syrup…Seduction is a more or less anonymous organization of constant and permanent indoctrination that pushes you to forget who you are and that demands from you that you become subjected to the program. It owns your mind, your intelligence and your critical thinking. It throws a veil over your clarity. It has made its way everywhere and controls your every move even when you decide where to go on vacation. The goal is to reduce humans to mere consumers, desincarnate, blind, apathetic and servile activists, willing, numb, sleeping slaves whose manpower (energy) is precious. Seduction is a glue, a jelly that keeps you bent and on your knees.

Duality is what makes it possible to perpetuate this consciousness of subordination and enslavement by separating outwardness and inwardness, good and evil, me and others and above all…me and the divine. The indoctrination consists in idealizing the outside (success, power, sex) and loving others at the expense of the inside (serenity, contentment, bliss, communion with the invisible realms and nature) and self-love. Concretely: I am a good person and gain salvation if I love and if I do good to my neighbor. This perspective, which is severely misaligned from unconditional love, is the ultimate trap that keeps you estranged from yourself and generates a high level of guilt when you try to put yourself first. This perspective contains quite a few dangers since, as things stand now, "doing good to my neighbor" really means projecting the emotional bagage upon them which I haven’t healed within myself and do not love and accept and which still hurts my inner child.

An awakening being will naturally withdraw energetically from this hypnotized matrix and will learn to turn inward to listen, carefully listen to their intuition, wisdom and timeless memory. They will cease to betray and demean themself. They will cut off tentacle after tentacle after tentacle not to isolate themself but to reunite and reunify with what the matrix calls "God" (an externalized God in this case), which is nothing else than the intrinsic and inherent divinity in each one of us: mystery, neutrality, the absence of duality, separation and polarities.

An awakening being will progressively understand that they should only pledge allegiance to themself, in other words their essence, their soul, their joy, their responsibility toward their own life and their own happiness, and maintain a higher vibration that the people around them and in contact with them will be able to connect to and be inspired by, thus giving them permission to do the same: release an extraordinarily dysfunctional and toxic world and only commit to the unconditional love that governs the universe.

Away from their familiar landmarks and from all "truth of nonreference point", they will have to face demons, entities and situations that will harshly put their determination, will-power, sovereignty and choice to become a free-thinking, free-doing and free-loving spirit to the test ©

The diamond (the activated merkaba, the light body) is a symbol of the impeccability that can be attained when the impurities of the world of seduction are purged out of the psyche, energetic field, and cellular and karmic memory. A diamond is a noble, christalline, incorruptible and inviolable piece of matter, that is to say sacred and sealed.

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