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Sexual Energies: Demystifying Darkness

23/08/2016 11:00:00

Your darkness is your divinity.

To better understand the different polarities present in the consciousness of our world (its vibratory level) nowadays, we can turn to taoist philosophy and its taijitu (image below) as well as a list of polarities.

The commotion around us finds its root in a lack of compassion toward the yin section of creation. This is a high-risk lack of understanding. Relevant examples of this are: the current pollution level on our planet, our predatory cult-ure, innumerable psychic dysfunctions etc.

However, those imbalances exist to serve us. The lack of understanding consists in pointing at the evils themselves instead of noticing the fact that they reflect the suppressed and repressed aspects that society carries within itself, as well as each individual in it, and also that those aspects are waiting for the love needed to be seen, looked at and neutralized.

The shadow, in the taoist perspective, is the feminine. Incidentally, we are living in a very interesting time and witnessing the return of the feminine. That explains the movements, chaos, confusion, disruption, revelations that dominate the news and the private life of many people. Chaos, which isn’t very much appreciated in our cult-ure, is feminine and heralds order, which is masculine.

As the taijitu reminds us, not only are the polarities inseparable one from the other but each one contains the other: the dark "tear" contains the light spot and the light "tear" contains the dark spot. Those two polarities unite, wrap themselves around one another and nurture one another. That shows how indivisible and interconnected they are.

Let’s take a look at a few of those polarities to assess what we are invited to integrate and love in ourselves and the scope of the task at hand:

  • yin / yang
  • dark / light (those are the translation of the words yin and yang)
  • shadow / light
  • night / day
  • moon / sun
  • winter / summer
  • ice / fire
  • north / south
  • cold / hot
  • left / right
  • earth / sky
  • woman / man
  • empty / full
  • introversion / extroversion
  • passive / active

From this list, we can start to intuitively gain a deeper insight of what a rejection of the yin energy has brought about in the way we think and function. For example, if we take the empty/full polarity, it points toward the aversion and fear of emptiness that we find in our society today. The passive/active polarity points toward the need to do and achieve at the expense of being and receiving. The introvert/extrovert polarity points toward the fact that our society prefers an outgoing personality rather than a withdrawn one. The night/day polarity points toward the lunar and mysterious aspect of the wild woman and the solar personality of the illumined man. The shadow/light polarity probably is the most eloquent as it is the foundation of our dualistic, judgmental and self-righteous cult-ure.

Demystifying darkness means remembering that darkness is a component of our nature. When the darkness is extreme, the light is just as extreme. The separation and the extreme polarization of the two indicate a lack of love since all those "couples" are various expressions of the love vibration, the source of all things, visible (yang) and invisible (yin), manifest (yang) and unmanifest (yin). Demystifying darkness means reconciling our humanness with our divinity, matter and spirit. Demystifying darkness means expanding our perception to the realms beyond what we can commonly see and realize they belong to the segment of the electro (yang) magnetic (yin) field inaccessible to the five senses. Demystifying darkness means conquering our need to forgive which only perpetuates the illusion that there is a separation between right and wrong. Demystifying darkness means accepting to hold within ourself and feeling comfortable with the whole spectrum of human emotions and opposing thoughts simultaneously without fighting one or the other. Demystifying darkness means playing down the "diabolical" nature of the yin to include it into our personality and to allow ourself to choose our inner (yin) state in each moment to better project it outward (yang).

The Greek god of the wild and nature (≠ cult-ure) Pan reminds us that he is needed in homeopathic doses in society for a balance to be struck in the psyche of the inhabitants of that society. If Pan is rejected, then PAN-ic prevails ©

Love holds for us the yin aspects we have rejected for eons. Let’s integrate them to become true divine creatures and to create a truly divine world.

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