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Sophia - Divine Feminine Christ - Ascension
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Israel - March/April 2014
ירושלים אהובה/Jerusalem my Love - Oct 2014/Feb 2015
Tel Aviv - December 2015

The next three albums span the three days spent in the heart of the fascinating aridity of the southernmost part of the Negev desert during one single trip. Each day was special and characterized by a unique energy. Even the rocky cliffs of Wadi Shani, Shkhoret Canyon and the lunar and spacious landscapes of Timna Park provided different environments that were hard to compare. It was impossible to choose. The beauty was so striking! So here are these three albums! You are invited to visit these places like sacred temples... 

South of Israel: Wadi Shani - November 2017
South of Israel: Shkhoret Canyon - November 2017
South of Israel: Timna Park - November 2017

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