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Divine Feminine

For those who wish to integrate the Divine Feminine and re-unite it with the Divine Masculine within themselves, it is not always easy to know how to go about it because its qualities have been long lost after being relentlessly trampled upon and persecuted.

The Divine Feminine is making a powerful yet gentle comeback. In a world where patriarchy has dominated society, and still does, we need to rediscover this energy.

The Feminine can be associated with qualities and notions that patriarchal religions and therefore the societies born out of them - including ours - have systematically degraded and even demonized:

  1. Inwardness, inner space, the inner wilderness, the inner matrix, nothingness, the void
  2. Slowness, patience, time, eternity, timelessness, seasons, life and death cycles
  3. Receptivity
  4. Nature
  5. Beauty
  6. Healing, mothering, unconditional love, agape
  7. Chaos, darkness, the night, the lunar, the cold, the negative, evil, the repressed, the shadow (the unconscious, the subconscious, Satan), the Yin (in taoism)

The Feminine is not the same thing as femininity which, for a woman, is her ability to express her nature on the physical and psychological levels. The Feminine pertains to the essence of the person, whether a man or a woman. A man contains the Feminine in the same way a woman contains the Masculine. So it is about transcending the limitations of modern psychology to dive into the fundamental aspects of the human being: the soul, Spirit, Consciousness, energy.

This step in the spiritual growth of a person appears after they have gone through many stages of spiritual advancement. They have already purified themselves significantly. They own their shadow (their Feminine!) and know they are responsible for neutralizing it. They embrace the delphic maxim "Know Thyself". They realize that their full healing is taking them toward a higher understanding and an concrete practice of unconditional love, meaning they operate from the heart center in every aspect of daily life, in order to radiate it and assist humanity's planetary ascension. They understand they did not incarnate to suit their own purposes but to serve in the divine Plan selflessly.

Reuniting the Divine Feminine and Masculine is not the very first phase of the process of self-realization but when it is about to happen, what can we do to facilitate and support it?


The Goddess Oracle
Amy Sophia Marashinsky & Hrana Janto


The Goddess Oracle
Amy Sophia Marashinsky & Hrana Janto



For those on the path of spiritual evolution, going within and settling in the immensity and silence of their inner solitude is imperative as from there only is it possible to commune with their soul and the Divine. This return to and within the self is a breach, a liberation and a deliverance from the lower vibrational matrix where the only actual life happens outside. Like Yeshua said: the Kingdom lies within. When someone is solidly centered and anchored within themselves, they are free from fears learned through the conditioning received since birth and during their childhood and adolescence.

That is how they reach freedom, sovereignty, serenity, pure joy and harmony. In this space, they can hear their intuition, inspiration, authenticity, sensitivity, their needs as well as assert themselves and set powerful and fair boundaries with kindness and compassion. From within this void, they know how to express themselves with spontaneity, choose with integrity and create with humility (a self-accomplished kind of submission). Their peaceful and balanced demeanor radiates out and heals the people around them as they can feel relaxed in their presence.

This void is the safe and sacred space where the priest or priestess operates from because it is necessary for their connection with the Invisible to be established and maintained. It is filled with mystery, miracles, magic, innocence, and harmlessness. It is crucial to nurture healthy relationships with others. It is the vortex through which the Light comes to be spread all over the planet. Finally, it is the emptiness that the Masculine can come into and reside in. In the void, space-time is one, time dissolves and there only remains timelessness and the present moment.


The Feminine represents rhythms, the cycles of life and death, the seasons, gestation, patience, slowness, circular time (linear time being associated to the wounded Masculine and patriarchy).

Time, the slow motion characteristic of the Feminine cycle, its wisdom, its depth is its own gratification. The journey and the destination blend together and the spiral becomes its symbol: space and time intermingle. The spiral is the most prehistoric symbol, the most ancient and the most sacred that can be found in indigenous cultures all over the planet (Celts, Norses, Romans, Greeks, Aborigenes, peoples of Africa and Islam, Native Americans, Hopis, Mayans, Polynesians for whom it signifies the universe, eternity, immortality, the uterus of the Great Mother, of Goddess, the circle of life, the journey of all living things, the seasons, the solstices etc): it represents the spiraling consciousness of the Milky Way galaxy, a symbol of the Mother Goddess. Current science confirms that space-time dimensions are actually one and the same, which points toward saying that to take one's time and to take one's space means the same!


Little Grandmother,
Shaman Kiesha Krowther
in Santa Fe





Once you dwell within, purged of all conditionings, programings, fears, guilt, regrets, and other inumerable emotions, you are more ready to receive, you become a chalice and you start to realize that all the Feminine qualities communicate with each other: inwardness and the void, the void and receptivity, receptivity and timelessness...

Receptiveness is just as crucial as inwardness because in order for ascension to unfold smoothly, receiving must be well in place within the self which becomes a container where Spirit and matter unite. To ascend means to receive divine light. For that process to happen, a breakthrough at the heart level is necessary and unavoidable. When a person receives energies from Spirit, they transform them and transcend their previous state of being. That, in truth, was an aspect of Yeshua's esoteric teachings. Love and compassion are the means to achieve this.

May the words from the film Avatar be reminded again:

Neytiri: That is Mother. She is Tsahik. The one who interprets the will of Eywa.
Mo'at: Why did you come to us?
Jake Sully: I came to learn.
Mo'at: We have tried to teach other Sky People. It is hard to fill up a cup which is already full.
Jake Sully: Well, my cup is empty, trust me.

It is just as hard to fill up a cup which is already full of knowledge and rigid beliefs with a new wisdom as it is a person with crystallized, fossilized and suppressed emotions with divine Light.

The ability to receive is so important it determines any hopes of healing within a person: someone who was severely deprived and wounded on the emotional level will not allow themselves to receive - whatever that may be: help, support, assistance, protection, inspiration, love, ideas, counseling - from another being. In that way, they are more alienated and handicapped than anyone. That's what's called the wound of the warrior. The wounded warrior is the one who had to harden themselves so much in order to shield themselves from attacks and more wounding and who had to learn to function in binary mode: "kill or be killed" so much that the word "offering" means "aggression", the word "gift" means "bargain" and the word "love" means "possessiveness."

In our world, giving is more celebrated than receiving. Receiving has been reduced to an act of mere necessity or justified by a date or specific formalized commercial occasion. We do not realize this has created an imbalance: energetic justice demands for both dynamics to be equally recognized in order to avoid diseases and karma.

It behooves us to allow ourselves to feel vulnerable when we are in a receiving position because vulnerability goes hand in hand with strength, courage and power.

The Feminine is that strength and that power that help us access our vulnerability to propel us toward our divinity.


The Goddess Oracle
Amy Sophia Marashinsky & Hrana Janto


The Goddess Oracle
Amy Sophia Marashinsky & Hrana Janto



The Feminine is, of course, associated to Nature, to Gaia and to elementals: animals, plants, and crystals. Think about dolphins, whales, fairies, mermaids, gnomes, undines, salamanders, sylphs, unicorns to name just a few.

When the Feminine was suppressed, banished and silenced, the whole ecological equilibrium was affected and that is when we cut ourselves off from the seasons, the earth, the notion of fertility and a gentle, local, human and environment-friendly agriculture.

The earth and the Earth were both designed - how else could it be? - to meet all of humanity's needs, nourish it and provide it with a territory where it would prosper, thrive and love. For that to happen though, balance and gratitude were required. Once more, religious figures in favor of separation, as well as their supporters, committed the crime of dividing the two principles, which is the worst evil humanity has afflicted itself with. That is what caused for the planet and its inhabitants to devolve toward an age of obscurantism where lack and shortage are thought to be real. Out of that belief, wars, rapes, plunderings, devastations and other plagues were born which prevent us to live simply and harmoniously at the rhythm of the seasons.

In actuality, the earth is here, gloriously maternal, to give us infinite supplies of bounties to enjoy and share, including the bounties that can produce the necessary technologies to shelter us, heat us, light us and allow us to move around.

It is only the perversion, misappropriation of resources, imperialist, retentive and venal attitude of a minority that succeeded in convincing us that we live in a universe where lack exists!!!

Reconciling ourselves with nature means reconciling ourselves with our original abundance.


After exploring the domain of Demeter, the Greek goddess of fertility and agriculture, let's turn to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, the arts and beauty.

The rules that create beauty are perfect proportions (the Golden Mean = 1.618) in sacred geometry.

The Feminine invites us to create beauty rather than perfection. Beauty is more subjective and inclusive and we can instinctively recognize it, whereas perfection is more mental and based on judgment, morality and duality. Beauty is felt; perfection is thought. The ideal, integrated method combines both intuitively however if it is not beautiful, it is not perfect!


Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
Doreen Virtue


Ascended Masters Oracle Cards
Doreen Virtue



The inhabitants of this planet sorely need to take care of themselves and greatly need to heal. No wonder: most of us have accumulated incarnations, traumas (starting with the fall of Atlantis) and sometimes unbearable childhoods (starting with birth). The moment has come to pamper, repair, reunify ourselves and pick up the pieces. The resistance toward inner healing is strong because it is perceived as humiliating and insulting. Yet, it is our only option: to love our shadow is to love our Feminine and to bring back our Feminine to life, to the Light!

Our inner maternal instinct will help us. It will force us to ask for help from honest and trustworthy people who will provide us with a safe space and a creative type of listening that will reshape, reform and elevate us.

The initial decision to ask for help comes from a deep humility that allows us to understand we cannot make it alone. That is how and when our noblest mission can be fulfilled: being in service for each other for the well-being and betterment of all.

Whether you turn to a reliable friend, a professional, a group, a book, a workshop, the angels or other, the one and only healing, universal energy is unconditional love (apapi). This type of love is maternal and given courageously and freely like a mother would, like the Great Mother would. Remember Sophia, Mother Mary, Isis etc.

To heal means to love; to love means to heal. How? Bathing and any frequent and conscious contacts with the rejuvenating properties of water (water symbolizes emotions and is a conduit of intuition; having water as a friend and ally can only amplify the healing process), hygiene in all its shapes (including dietary), conscious breathing, massages, felt and integrated emotions, accepted grief, tears unashamedly shed to remove wrinkles on the face, relax all the muscles in the body and slow down the aging process, exchanging and sharing with others, intimacy, sacred sexuality with the beloved...Only constant mothering of the self through unconditional love can pave the way toward pleasure, bliss, sensuality, fulfillment, playfulness, closeness with one's own body which holds information from and is the messenger of the Divine, ascension and the highest level of self-realization: Christ consciousness.

In this state of purity and relaxation, trust, faith and hope return and surrendering becomes easier and easier. The universe, the Source of All Things, the Great Mother can flood us with her inexhaustible love. It's really about becoming a child again and humbly receiving love, abundance and protection, knowing you deserve them.

In this protected space, being a leader means serving, loving, respecting and promoting one's own individuality as well as the individuality of others...


Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
Doreen Virtue


Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
Doreen Virtue



The Feminine is the chaotic aspect of the universe whereas the Masculine is related to order and organization.

Chaos is perceived as a destructive force and that is true...except destruction is sometimes necessary and justified to initiate a new phase of personal or collective evolution.

In reality, strength, courage, power, maturity and even mastery are needed to dare to destroy something. Whether it be one's life, a relationship, a career, one's comfort, toxic and unhealthy habits, the Creator knows they must, once more, EMPTY their space to renew it, un-create their creation to re-create it. This process requires that you judiciously use chaos and the destructive force of the universe without fear and understanding the natural cycles of life, death and rebirth characteristic to the Feminine. Think about the goddess Kali in the Hindu tradition.

It's always an act of love, love in action, applied love even if our perceptions need to adjust.

Maybe it is also the wild, "witch-ful", mysterious and alchemical side of the Feminine?


Rumi Oracle
Alana Fairchild & Rassouli


Rumi Oracle
Alana Fairchild & Rassouli


♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

The oracle cards on this page represent Elisabeth's own feminine archetypes, those that she has worked with over the years. They change, they go, they come back. Delving into her own Feminine allows her to broaden her circle of mothers, friends and guides...

She wishes you a magnificent re-discovery of the delightfully infinite, universal Feminine. Familiarize yourself with the goddesses, the ascended masters such as Anna, Yeshua's grand-mother, Mary, his mother, Maryam his partner, Kuan Yin, White Buffalo Calf Woman or some of the more recent masters such as Maria Callas or Princess Diana. Call them and let each one of them surprise and touch you with their own specific energy.


A wonderful book to accompany your daily meditations

Meditation - Reconnecting with the Divine Feminine
  • Choose a safe and quiet place where you won't be interrupted.
  • Light a candle if you can to raise the vibration.
  • Sit down or lie down comfortably, close your eyes and breathe slowly with the intention to meet Goddess.
  • You can see a white, liquid light in the distance, coming out of the darkness and gracefully moving toward you.
  • As it draws closer, you distinguish a feminine energy and recognize Goddess.
  • She stops before you and smiles to you. 
  • She introduces herself to you and gives you her name. According to you preferences and affinities, she may be Sophia, Mary, Isis, Ishtar, Kali, Yemaya, Dana, Athena, Kuan Yin, Spider Woman or simply the Divine Mother...
  • She asks you to share with her how you feel: joy, regrets, nostalgia, guilt, anger, fear, grief, relief, gratefulness...
  • She radiates her motherly and unconditional love toward your and it surrounds and heals you.
  • You bathe in this love for a few moments without saying a word and your whole being deeply relaxes all the way to the cellular level. You are one with her.
  • She asks you what you would like to receive from her and you answer to her: strength, courage, tenacity, power, tenderness, compassion, mystery, wisdom, abundance, fervor, loyalty, humility, independence...
  • You promise to devote your life, your service, your evolution to her, to re-familiarize yourself with her and her qualities, to face your shadow as well as the shadow of the feminine collective unconscious in order to reinstate her in this world and give her permission to train you, guide you, inspire you and nurture you in a way that can help her answer your prayer for the highest good: yours, humanity's and beyond.
  • You are now one of her priests or priestesses. You realize the solemnity of your responsibility.
  • She hands out a gift to you which you reverently and gratefully receive. It is the badge of your devotion to Goddess, the symbol of your sovereign affiliation to the Circle of the conscious ambassadors of the Feminine which now maps out your future.
  • You slightly bow, she puts her hand on your head and blesses you.
  • She withdraws but the connection has been re-established and you are imbued with her presence.
  • Your awareness gently comes back to where you started.
  • You open your eyes knowing you are now connected to Goddess for eternity and are never alone. Allow her to guide you to your awakening, healing, and transformation.

Mother of the World
~ Nicolas Roerich ~

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