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Ascension - Voie du Féminin divin
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29/09/2018 12:00:00

What is ascension? I would like to provide my own explanation, perception and vision of it, after having gone through it for the last eighteen years and based on the resources that I have come across.

Ascension is a spiritual awakening that leads to a reconnection between the human and the divine, in other words between the personality and the soul. The ascension that is unfolding at the moment plays out individually, collectively and globally. The Earth, Gaia, has already ascended and humanity is following. The first wave of ascension allegedly started in 1999 (Lion's Gate Portal, solar eclipse of August 11, 1999). It is during that summer that the guides of those concerned left them to let them face alone the new experiences and challenges that life was going to present them with so they would reclaim their Creatorship. That distancing was felt quite acutely and came with a higher heart center activation, that center being the portal to the light. As an example, I can say that, even though I was totally unaware of being part of this event and not knowing anything about its existence, I still felt that "grace" deserted my life. Little by little, I felt that the ease I used to be able to manifest my plans and dreams with was waning and that I had to rely more on my own trust and faith. This feeling grew even stronger as time went by and forced me to allow myself to be molded by a higher power in order to initiate the long and profound purification work that ascension demands to continue to evolve along the path of my destiny. It is the time when free will (the will of the lower personality) makes way for divine will (the will of the soul). It is necessary to yield control and surrender to this ongoing purging process that will last for years.

Those years will be an opportunity to develop a new identity and self-image. It will be required to let go, willingly or not, of old reactions and to grow emotionally and spiritually in a way you didn't even suspect you could: wherever the divine is present, it is impossible to lie, to pretend. At a pace chosen by the soul itself, this clearing work brings the shadow to the surface to make healing and integration possible: love is the agent of that process for it is through the act of loving with the most unfailing compassion all the aspects of the self that we disowned and rejected that we create the quantum space, the inner void where the soul will nestle and incarnate. The densest vibrations become more subtle and the light quotient rises. This translates by a desire to only surround yourself with heart energy, a.k.a love.

It is the human who ascends. The soul descends. They meet in the higher heart center. What is commonly referred to as the "ego" is tamed: it is not destroyed or annihilated but simply healed, softened, pacified (the ego is an aggregate of wounds from childhood especially but also from previous lifetimes, the ancestral lineage and the collective). It is supposed to help you navigate the material world; it is not supposed to lead and dominate you, your actions and your words which should be inspired by the flow of love coming from your soul that runs through all of your layers (chakras).

Thus, the final goal of ascension is the end of separation between self and the soul, self and others, self and the cosmos, self and the divine, the creative principle, Source, the original I Am. It is about experiencing daily your own mastery, enlightenment and inner unity with what is perceived by the senses as the external reality (that which is in fact a holographic illusion). This inner unity is the reconciliation of the polarities of all dualistic couples, the main ones being the masculine and the feminine.

That is why the ascension path brings to awareness the center-stage role and position of the divine feminine which has been almost entirely "eradicated" from this planet. The feminine, in its essence, is the cosmos itself, the primordial womb, the space-time continuum and abundance, plenty, prosperity and wholeness. The ascension of each one of us will result in a state of ultimate peace, balance, harmony, bliss which will put an end to the war (inner and outer) and lack consciousness that has plagued humanity the last few millenia and will birth a Heaven on Earth which will bathe in the golden light of Christ consciousness. This new Golden Age will open us up to re-establish relations with other advanced star civilizations and own our galactic and intergalactic identity.


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