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Atlantis was heaven on Earth. It was a fifth-dimensional society (5D) that was utterly conscious of its divine origins and identity. Mental and genetic manipulation as well as a misuse of the sexual energies corrupted the purity of its inhabitants and disrupted the balance of the whole ecosystem, leading to the first ever separation of twin flames, war and ultimately the fall of Atlantis. Since then, religious patriarchal cultures that have dominated the planet have enslaved not only minorities like women, children, ethnic groups, animals etc, but also men who are still very much disconnected from their emotions, their feelings, their sensitivity, their spirituality and therefore their hearts (the heart is the true center of intelligence since it is where the sexual energies come into resonance with the frequency of unconditional love which is 528 Hz), thus creating systems of great cynicism and offering nonsensical, cruel and destructive solutions. To restore the balance of the sexual energies, of the masculine and feminine principles, is to return to the innocence of the Golden Era of Atlantis and to progress towards a model of harmonious and enlightened society that will radiate like the Atlantean civilization did and, to say the truth, still does today.


Atlantis Cards
Diana Cooper


Atlantis Cards
Diana Cooper

Fall of the Continent

The fall of Atlantis is a catastrophe that left deep scars in the human psyche. Atlantean energies are resurfacing now in the individual and collective psyches to be cleared, purged and healed.

During its Golden Age, the Atlanteans were extremely learned about energy in general and they knew how to proficiently and harmoniously use and manage their sexual energies in particular. The Divine Feminine was just as strong as the Divine Masculine. There was no competition between the two. Twin flame couples maintained that delicate balance for the whole continent as they embodied unconditional love which is born of the inner union of those two principles. Therefore, their role was crucial and their responsibility far-reaching. They were quite simply the guardians and the vessels of the union of the sexual energies in perfect balance. They operated from the heart center and radiated the frequency of unconditional love for the well-being and peace of the whole community. Energy stealing didn't exist in Atlantis: the Atlanteans practiced giving and receiving in equal measure according to the principles of a rigorous, as well as natural, energetic justice.

Atlantis was protected by a unified field that surrounded it. This field was sustained by the unconditional love that twin flame couples radiated (3rd energy) and acted like a protective seal. It was what allowed the whole ecosystem to be maintained. This equilibrium deteriorated little by little when "malevolent energies" were permitted to enter. Mental manipulation occurred and notions such as duality, ownership, greed, control and separation were introduced, thus irreversibly breaking the perfect equilibrium that prevailed until then. Religious leaders - such as High-Priests, in other words the very same people who opened the portal with the intention of forging alliances - as well as the masculine aspects of twin flame couples were targeted and reprogrammed first (with their consent). That was a clever, tactical manoeuver because perverting those key links was to inevitably bring about corruption throughout the whole society, destroy it, lead to war and provoke its downfall, which was the desired outcome: to damage and lower the vibration in order to enslave the population, introduce energy stealing (a vampiric type of dynamic) and let it propagate all over the planet. That is exactly what happened and what we still have today. This vampiric dynamic is the consequence of the imbalance of the sexual energies, the ending of the inner union at the root of all forms of abuse anywhere along the spectrum: from the slighest faux-pas all the way to the act of terrorism. By weakening the base of the scales, the plan was as Machiavillian as simple and efficient.


Atlantis Cards
Diana Cooper


Atlantis Cards
Diana Cooper


The Feminine was the first to be sorely affected. That's when its suppression started. Rapes were committed more and more widely. Some understood that energy stealing was much more intense and enjoyable when you rape someone than when you kill someone. Death is sudden and "simply" causes the soul to transition, which doesn't provide the same pleasure. However, the unbearable pain caused by the tearing apart of the energetic fabric of a soul during a rape or any other breach of its energetic integrity allows the torturer (abuser, perpetrator) to energetically feed off of their prey (victim), deeply damage their being and make them fragile, docile, submissive and ready to do their master's bidding. It is the beginning of a vicious cycle which perpetuates over incarnations to come.

The Masculine was second in losing out of course since the drop of vibration and the fall of Atlantis destroyed the whole system: the Divine Feminine became the wounded feminine but the Divine Masculine also became the wounded masculine, that is to say cruel, overbearing, cynical, heartless, uncompassionate, cut off from Nature, power-hungry, addicted to the mind and therefore violence, ambition, competition, lust and whose hubris knows no limits.

The drop of vibration concretely translated into the shutting down of the higher chakras and a certain amount of genetic codes (telepathy, a high level of intuition and clairvoyance, teleportation etc). The connection with the Divine decreased significantly and the survivors spread all over the planet to teach their wisdom to various peoples such as the Egyptians, the Essenes, the Druids, the Native Americans, the Greeks...until they slowly died out.

It is easier to understand why the masculine aspects of today's bona fide twin flame couples feel such a strong resistance toward their twin flame nature and such a strong reluctance in recognizing it: they have a major trauma to overcome and heal. The guilt they carry within is gnawing at them and it can even be exacerbated by the unconditional love of their sisters; they do not feel they deserve to receive it and be touched by the grace of the eternal and inviolable Divine Feminine. As regards the feminine aspects of twin flame couples, they will have to demonstrate the greatest courage to let go of the submission and powerlessness they were reduced to during that painful scenario and assert their genuine power and rightful position.


Atlantis Cards
Diana Cooper


Atlantis Cards
Diana Cooper

Emotional Body

The fall of Atlantis and the degradation of the sexual energies that preceded it triggered a shock wave that reverberated through time all the way up to now in order to be resolved, healed and neutralized. The collective subconscious and emotional field were contaminated by frequencies of trauma, fear and guilt which activated a "survival" mode in the human psyche, generated victim-perpetrator-savior dynamics and affected the sense of self-worth of humans as if their status had been through a downgrade following the loss of their connection with the divine. The damage caused on their sense of self-worth, the "survival" mode and the scars left after the trauma brought about the lack consciousness and belief in scarcity. That is what creates the behaviors of rivalry, competition, antagonism, envy, distrust which pervade human relations.

Those behaviors proliferated as ways to alleviate the emotional body that was too dense and too heavy to carry, release the anxiety related to the memory of the Atlantean trauma (as well as the discord between the masculine and feminine dating back to pre-incarnation events) and relieve the deep feeling of failure, of not being "good enough" and able to create enough to meet one's needs and be happy.

What are those behaviors? Attitudes of projection on other people as a way to alleviate guilt, attitudes of consumerism, scheming, passiveness, irresponsibility, depreciation, preaching, disapproval, recrimination, blame to alleviate the lack of self-worth, as well as attitudes that serve to draw people's attention and pity (by means of family, marital, financial drama, "poor me" stories etc).

The addiction to financial and material success, luxury, and standardized criteria of comfort related to consumerism are also signs of compensation that reveal a low sense of self-worth.

Let us not forget that those behaviors result from the separation of the masculine and feminine principles which results from the supremacy of the mind at the expense of the heart; that's the reason why they can all be gathered under the one single generic term of "psychic virus."

Let us not forget either the vampiric entities that created this demotion in consciousness: they are still present among us and feed off of the bad physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual health of the ignorant majority of people whose addictions to drugs, toxic substances (such as histamins), junk food, suffering, negative emotions, self-destructiveness, depression, drama, stress, danger even, misinformation, lower vibrations (broadcast on TV and other media that belong to them), seduction, and any and all forms of outward-focused living has guaranteed them, and still does, their occult and elitist hold. This bad health is nothing other than an extremely poor harnessing of the sexual energies, in other words an inability to build a solid and strong energy spine for oneself thanks to the movement of those energies along the chakras (energy centers).


Atlantis Cards
Diana Cooper


Atlantis Cards
Diana Cooper


In the higher dimensions, a being is self-aware (Know Thyself as the temple of Delphi reminds us...Ancient Greece btw is the daughter of Atlantis). That means they choose their food, their lifestyle, their knowledge, their relationships but also their emotions, thoughts, beliefs, mental patterns, their truth and their mission toward humanity. That is what protects their sovereignty, their harmony, their joy, their peace, the simplicity of their life and especially their connection to the divine. The balance born of this "state of soul" affects their nervous system and allows them to be in resonance with the divine, the absolute and the creative energies of the universe, in other words the higher octave of the sexual energies.

They will have to work through the thick fog of their shadow. They will have to dare to feel all the emotions, traumas, and wounds that left their energetic fabric torn, ripped apart, distorted, damaged, battered, bruised...in a seriously bad shape. They will have to travel through time and space and choose to heal again and again: non-attachment, depolarization, neutralization of all-the-charges to harmonize with the frequency of love; reunite the masculine and the feminine, the human and the divine, the terrestrial and the spiritual, clear all the karma, put an end to the Atlantean manipulations, completely remove the mental and genetic implants to reach the new Golden Age.

For twin flames specifically, this process allows them to recreate a state where they can feel serene and anchored within themselves so the Atlantean seal of protection is repaired first for themselves and then progressively including others. That is the service, the mission that twin flame couples came to fulfill in this incarnation. They are here to contribute to the resolution of the trauma of the Atlantean timeline.

Within this seal of love and protection, a twin soul cannot be either a runner or a chaser. They are beautifully centered in self-love and integrity. From within that sacred space, they interact with others, as the protection is gentle and porous. Interdependence replaces third-dimensional, dysfunctional co-dependency. The foundation of this healthy interdependence is an impeccable mastery of their energy: loving others without neglecting, forgetting, or betraying themselves, always measuring out what they give in order to give as they receive and not recreate deficit, disease and karma.

This process of integration of all the lost, fragmented (traumatized) aspects of the soul helps to heal the vampiric entities and adepts of satanism that are the reflection of our own disowned, abandoned, and cursed aspects. This should reinstate the original virgin state of our planet...The time of reconciliation has come because those entities and adepts are our demonized feminine and are ready to receive the light.

We accept to let go of the past and to go back where we know miracles exist: in the arms of Goddess, the inexhaustible and immutable Source of unconditional love.


Depending on the sources, Poseidon (Neptune for the Romans) takes on very different faces.

If you turn to Timeaus and Critias, Plato tells the account of Solon who presumably heard the story of Atlantis from Egyptian priests. We know that Atlantean survivors spread all over the planet and that some of them settled in Egypt. We could easily conclude that those Egyptian priests were Atlantean survivors or their descendants. Solon talks about "immortal gods" and Poseidon would have been allocated Atlantis when the different parts of the world were distributed.

If you turn to scientific or pseudo-scientific sources (studies of Sumerian tablets), Poseidon was a "god" of extraterrestrial origin who had supposedly received the continent of Atlantis by drawing lots to govern it. His name was EA or Enki and his planet Nibiru (Sirius) whose inhabitants are known by the name of Anunnaki. He was a genetic engineer and allegedly manned the planet with humanoid beings (homo-sapiens) based on genetic manipulations and mutations. Some consider he was a benefactor for humanity whereas others consider he had malevolent intentions toward humanity.

If you now turn to Greek mythology, Poseidon was the god of the sea, seafaring, storms and earthquakes. Zeus, Hades and himself drew lots to divide up the world and he was allocated the sea world, which made him feel cheated and less fortunate. Therefore, his domain (water) are emotions and the infinite mystery of the subconscious. Having an extremely unstable, turbulent and unpredictable personality like the sea, his strong emotionality may flood reason, logic and self-mastery. From a strictly archetypal standpoint, Poseidon symbolizes the sphere of repressed feelings and instincts. He is bad-tempered, violent, vindicative, dangerous, destructive, controling, explosive. He is the god who raped the Nereid (sea nymph) Amphitrite who had responded to his advances with repugnance but who finally consented to marry him after the dolphin Delphinus pleaded his case. He also raped the goddess Demeter who was seaching over the whole Earth for her abducted daughter Persephone...However, the genuine beauty and depth of his emotional personality is found underground (undersea in Poseidon's case): there are no descriptions of the undersea world which is his within an Olympian patriarchal society where men's sensitivity and emotions are not allowed. If Poseidon's undersea, emotional world could be contacted, it would reveal a rich, masculine inner life. What we can sense here is an energetic imbalance that, if healed, could reinstate a magnificence and a power that are likely suppressed because of the guilt born of being different (reminding the guilt of male twins). His attribute is the trident, a phallic symbol reminiscent of Zeus' lightning bolt and the animals associated to him are the bull and the horse, which attest to his pre-Olympian terrestrial origins.

Finally, if your turn to Diana Cooper's book Discover Atlantis (see labyrinth below), in fact...you don't learn much about Poseidon. The temple that sheltered the Great Crystal bears his name because the land was under the waves, brought to the surface for the experiment and submerged again after the experiment terminated. There was no worship to a god named Poseidon. The temple represented the Law of One which proclaims that the separation with the divine does not exist and was constructed according to sacred geometry with materials that allowed a resonance with the sun and other planets and served to inspire the Atlanteans. The Great Crystal was a generator as well as a portal for Source energy.


Atlantis Cards
Diana Cooper


Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards
Doreen Virtue


The next step, after exploring several aspects of the same archetype, is to ask the following question: "how can we tap into the energy of the Poseidon of the Golden Age of Atlantis so as to amplify the energy of unconditional love within us and around us (heart, 5D) without necessarily choosing which version is the truest and the most likely historically?" (mind, 3D)

One of the main characteristics of the Atlantean society was abundance consciousness: gratitude, blessings, thanksgiving, trust, present moment...One of the main characteristics of the patriarchal society is poverty consciousness: scarcity, wars, conflicts, fear, worry, future.

On the Father Healing oracle card above, we can recognize a fallen aspect of Poseidon, a man, a father, the bad-tempered, impatient, vengeful and over masculine Olympian god devoid of any feminine traits (we can distinguish a tiny little mermaid in the bubble next to him; bubble = orb = potential for redemption?), in the image of the God of monotheistic religions: a wounded, vanquished masculine. The booklet that accompanies the deck of cards reads: Universal energies are either male or female. Male energy is expansive and giving. Female energy is nurturing and receptive. If we're unhealed with respect to our father, the Universe seems to be ungenerous. If we're unhealed toward our mother, we won't accept the gifts the Universe offers us.

If the fall of the Atlantean continent brought about a low sense of self-worth, a feeling of not being "good enough", of not being able to create enough to meet one's needs and be happy (see above section about the emotional body), then healing the trauma of the fall of the Atlantean continent means eradicating the lack consciousness of patriarchy, doing away with the supremacy of the wounded masculine, reclaiming prodigality, generosity and the inspiration provided by the temple of Poseidon, the highest vibration in Atlantis: the sun light, the love of the Great Crystal, the crystalline energy of Source, embodying this divinity and accomplishing the second coming of Christ, or Chrystal (a pure and noble aspect of water in truth!), of the fifth-dimensional consciousness of the Golden Age of Atlantis: the abundance consciousness born of the union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine in order to illuminate, inspire, guide the world towards ever more unconditional love and recreate the Lost Paradise...that is to say, a safe space with balanced energy exchanges.


Artwork and text in italic:
Angel Therapy Oracle Cards
Doreen Virtue

Ethereal Temple

Look closely at this beautiful card. What can you see? A temple that strangely looks like the temple of Poseidon sheltering a superb crystal and that sits on a "soil cloud" where water flows from...All of this contains a mysteriously Atlantean energy though it is not clearly stated or confirmed. The "soil cloud" floats in the air above the ocean just like some fifth-dimensional continent vibrating at a higher frequency and perceptible only to those who have eyes to see. The energy is peaceful, blissful and reminiscent of the alcyon days of the Golden Age.

This card is a message to clear the crown energy center (or chakra), which governs your ability to tap into the Universe's collective wisdom. Your crown chakra can become blocked if you dismiss you inner thoughts as wishful thinking or common knowledge. Remember that all ingenious ideas begin as daydreams that turn into wonderful inventions.


♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

The content provided on this page represents my own truth, not an absolute truth.

This truth was regained from unexpected and varied resources that synchronistically crossed my path over the last fifteen years, resources which I bought, including private sessions, which resonated with me and matched my own insights and revelations.

It is also the result of a collection of visions, dreams, experiences and information which I received and gleaned throughout my own process of integration and healing of my Atlantean timeline.

The reader is invited, if they feel motivated to do so, to humbly receive it and own it in a spirit of gratitude worthy of Atlantis and to gracefully leave it and move on it that is not the case.


Past Life Oracle Cards
Doreen Virtue & Brian L. Weiss, M.D.


There are numerous opinions about the location and size of the Atlantean continent. It is important, regarding all things Atlantis, to remain well anchored in feeling and to not be swayed and led astray by the mind: Atlantis is primarily a frequency, a fifth-dimensional consciousness and that is what matters. Rather than "scan" the surface of the Earth (horizontal), it is wise to elevate your vibration to meet the vibration of Atlantis (vertical). The configuration of the landmass was different 13 500 or more years ago. Therefore, unless you are a geographer specialized in that era...mapping out the exact structure of Earth's crust back then might not be absolutely needed. What behooves us primarily is to integrate, resolve and heal. To engage in a strictly intellectual and mental debate is missing the point.


Artwork from James Churchward's book: The Children of Mu

Spiritual Labyrinth

Then, as now, a labyrinth was a powerful and symbolic shape. As you walk into and out of one that is marked on the ground, or trace it with your finger, you are symbolically travelling the sacred journey of your life: going into the heart of your being, then returning out into the world again. The labyrinth itself has a cross in its centre, surrounded by a spiral. Many people think that it is the same as a maze. However, a maze is a puzzle, which engages the left brain to solve whereas the labyrinth is a right-brain meditative journey, which opens you up spiritually.

Text & image from Diana Cooper's book: Discover Atlantis

The LIFE force ye seek before thee
is but the WORD in the World as a fire.
Seek ye the path to the WORD
and powers shall surely be thine.

Seek thee to conquer disorder,
and One with the WORD thou shalt be.

The Key of Freedom of Space - The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean


Artwork from Sir Gerald Hargreaves' book: Atalanta, A Story of Atlantis


capital of Atlantis
according to Plato

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