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Abundance is a natural state. The "get rich quick" schemes and tricks presented in books or workshops go against the natural flow of abundance and get you stuck in the mind since, in truth, lack does not exist. Therefore, the only valid trick is to learn to see abundance, connect yourself to it and stop demonizing its symbols, money for example, but also joy, happiness, beauty...

The old (current) system of banking and finance does not provide a safe space that makes it easy to create financial abundance. It might therefore be a good idea to pull away from it as much as possible, go round it, transcend it, rise above it, break free fom the hold it has over you, overcome the fear it inspires and understand it is crumbling down. True abundance is something else and you find it on another frequency...

For those who are spiritually-aware, the mystics, previous lifetimes might stand as obstacles along the way to abundance as a great number of your incarnations took place in communities, monasteries, convents etc where your material needs were met by the community. Learning to be financially self-sufficient becomes a task specific to this lifetime which, being the lifetime of ascension, mastery and enlightenment, is your last one on Earth.

Moreover, for those mystics, the issue of poverty vows also needs to be addressed. Those vows were pronounced in lifetimes when you served religion and their energetic imprint is still active. It is advised to break them formally and solemnly.

It is important to be aware of possible karmic (personal, ancestral or collective) beliefs around money that would still be interfering: it can be a life lived in poverty, misery, slavery, imprisonment, destitution, or ruin, bankruptcy related to a recession, war, famine, disease etc still influencing your life, your perceptions, your emotions and your capacity to receive. Going all the way back to Atlantis will help tremendously since the fall of Atlantis is also the fall of abundance consciousness toward lack consciousness (unworthiness).

Education and the family environment during childhood both have a profound impact on the relationship to money which persists throughout life if there isn't a conscious awakening in this area. Did you grow up in plenty, cuddles (touch is a vital need related to the need for love), security? Were your needs welcome, recognized and met or unwelcome, ignored and left unmet? Was there enough money at home and how was it perceived and used: to indulge or did the fear of lack condition parents' behaviors? Did money provide a feeling of comfort or did the subject of money provoke a feeling of uneasiness? Was it distributed generously or parcimoniously? Could you talk about it freely or was it taboo? Was spending money a reason for shaming or was it approved of? Were you allowed to speak out or were you silenced while arbitrary decisions were taken? Were you a gift to your parents or a burden? Was money used to manipulate and create co-dependency? All of those things might have taken their toll and it is beneficial to spend some time there to realize that the relationship to money you inherited from your parents is the relationship to money you now have with the divine, the universe, God, life: is it a benevolent force, am I taken care of, are there miracles happening for me or not? Are you dealing with an impersonal fatalistic mechanism or a loving parental figure?

Lakshmi - Abundance

I am the ever-flowing outpouring of plenty
the inexhaustible
the never ending
from the fullness of my being
I give richly and opulently
generously and copiously
luxuriously and liberally
I am limitless
for I cannot be contained
I am everywhere
and will never cease to be

The Goddess Oracle
Amy Sophia Marashinsky & Hrana Janto




Healing the lack consciousness and purifying your relationship to money begins with a clear and conscious choice. It is essential to understand that abundance and self-love/self-worth are two inseparable topics. As mentioned above, the fall of Atlantis engendered a deep trauma in the human psyche that shattered its sense of worthiness. Healing this karma means healing the poverty consciousness and leaving it behind once and for all.

You have to be willing to accept that being abundant does not mean being a billionaire. This flawed perception is the consequence of theocratic, monarchic and banking (the haves) policies that were implemented following the fall of Atlantis. You have to be willing to let go of the myth according to which money is the one and only measure of abundance for that myth is just a manipulation aiming at subjugating humans to turn them into slaves which has succeeded quite well since there is no better slave than the consenting slave who thinks they are free.

You have to be mature enough to not confuse money and its use: money is a symblol and is not bad in itself. It's necessary to tame it and control it instead of being controlled by it. Money is a faithful servant, not a tyranical master, which is what banks and other PTBs would have you believe. It is useless to demonize money and to deprive yourself of it under the pretext - especially for people who are spiritually-aware - that love is free: we were born into a monetized society and therefore we agreed to participate in it until it dies out.

The fear of not having money is similar to the fear of having it (it makes you responsible). The fear to spend it leads to the need to hoard which blocks the flow out which blocks the flow in. "To save money" is a program based in lack consciousness.

Healing implies you can live peacefully without any "dormant capital" knowing the Master draws to themselves whatever they need in the moment. That is how the Atlanteans lived. Of course, they didn't suffer from "folie des grandeurs", were not over-ambitious or extravagant but it is this "folie des grandeurs" and extravagance that caused the fall of Atlantis...

Healing invites you to live simply, in balance, beyond the "just enough" consciousness.

Healing does not mean endlessly getting rich but releasing the third dimension, unplugging from the matrix, removing and deleting limiting beliefs and allowing yourself to receive and stay in the constant, boundless, inexhaustible, natural and universal flow of abundance.

Healing means you understand that only abundance exists, even if it is an abundance of lack and that those who choose to live in lack find a benefit in it.

Healing forces you to take full responsibility for your own financial situation, love yourself and approve of yourself, which makes you free and puts an end to slavery. Once the choice is made, everything can start...


Flower Therapy Oracle Cards
Doreen Virtue & Robert Reeves

Financial Healing - Yellow Lily

Healing Description: Yellow lilies are of help when you've struggled with your finances. For example, if you need a little more cash for an upcoming vacation, then these Lilies are going to be your best friend. They work intensely to clear away blocks you might have with respect to receiving. Yellow Lilies allow you to attract the abundance you deserve in every aspect of your life. You'll live happily and comfortably, knowing all of your needs are provided for.

Message from Yellow Lily: "When working with me, I'll take care of all your financial concerns. Imagine how nice you'd feel if you didn't have to worry about material matters and all your bills were paid easily. Please give me full access to your financial situation so I can heal any unbalanced relationships you have with money. Take a few deep breaths right now. I act like a magnet, drawing in the energy of abundance from every direction. I attract prosperity in all areas of your life. The hold that money has on you is unhealthy - release this a a thing of the past and eagerly await the abundance I'm sending your way!"

Flower Therapy - Doreen Virtue & Robert Reeves

Abundantia - Prosperity

Message from the Roman goddess Abundantia:

Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Your are very powerful, and I'm here to support your growing power. It's right for you to receive this help, as we function as a team. I've heard your prayers, worries, and affirmations. I'm pouring my cornucopia of prosperity upon you now, so expect unforeseen windfalls and gifts. Notice the new ideas, feelings, and visions within you. This guidance gives you clear direction about actions to take in conjunction with my assistance. Together, we're unstoppable!

Abundantia carries a cornucopia of golden coins but she bestows all kinds of prosperity, including increased amounts of time, ideas, and other forms of support.

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
Doreen Virtue


Abundance is in the eye of the beholder. It is a perspective on one's own life filled with self-love, self-appreciation and gratitude. The perspective you now have is conditioned by your be-lie-fs, your filters, your expectations, your world view, all of which are in your subconscious. You can control them. The Master wields their mastery and their intelligence over them.

Abundance is found within, it is a feeling of safety. Banks have stolen it from us to create a hold and an illusory tension that didn't exist at the dawn of time.

Abundance is about reclaiming your connection with the Feminine aspect of life, the universe, the divine. The Feminine withdrew after the fall of Atlantis and progressively throughout all of history as the haves owned more and more, strengthened their hold over cheap human manpower and oppressed women.

Abundance is about reclaiming your divinity, your divine identity and that is done by delving into the Feminine shadow of your own soul so it is transfigured.

Enlightened women, priestesses, goddesses are fantastic and extraordinary conduits of abundance for the planet.

Abundance is about allowing yourself to have an unfailing friendship with Goddess, the Sacred Feminine, the Divine Feminine which is the divine, magical spark that gives Creation Life.


Rumi Oracle
Alana Fairchild & Rassouli


Rumi Oracle
Alana Fairchild & Rassouli

Abundance Begins When You Begin

Abundance is a natural state, you don’t have to struggle.

Can you just be and allow abundance into your life, naturally, gracefully?

It’s up to you to activate it, expand, express it.

Abundance begins when you begin.

The energies are flowing into your reality, because you’re in a safe space, you’ve gotten out of your mind.

Begin! Do anything!

It's a self-fulfilling type of energy. Trust yourself it’s going to work out, it’s going to blossom within you.

Take a look at your own life: you ARE abundant. Some of you are so abundant you’re playing with lack, drama, challenges, anxiety, depression, loving relationships, activities, choices, blessings, health, synchronicities...

Your life is perpetually abundant.

You ALWAYS ARE ABUNDANT. Feel that, how abundant you truly are.

Use that same energy of abundance for money.

Take a deep breath, unlock some of the old belief systems since Atlantis and all your poverty vows.

Choose to allow abundance in your life.

There’s nothing to figure out. Simply allow it to happen.


Draw the financial abundance and bring it into your life!

You are frightened of it, of this overwhelmingly wonderful energy into your life.

You have to realize that you can bring it into your life overcoming this consciousness of lack.

You get filled with ownership. Be abundant with the one who’s making you abundant.

Unless you begin nothing happens.

Break open that wallet of yours and watch how abundance can grow! This is where the paradigm shift begins.

Time to think out of box! Time to move your energy out of mass consciousness.

You are so filled with your old sense of guilt, fear and limitation that the energy can’t begin.

Abundance begins when you begin.

If you’re wondering how to buy dinner tonight, go buy some clothes first, go out and let the energy start flowing and stop worrying about it!

For those who are stuck in other financial issues, go buy yourself a new car!

Abundance begins when you begin.

You begin working and operating and living in a whole different belief system.

You’re wondering how you’re going to buy dinner tonight and now you put that out there as a belief and as a reality and you create it, see how abundant you are ??!! You’re so abundant you can create no dinner for yourself!

Change that!

STEP INTO A NEW WAY OF LIVING! And a new energy, a new belief system.

Go buy yourself something!

Buy yourself something for yourself and stop feeling selfish about it!

Buy yourself something that gives you pleasure!

And then watch what happens. Feel your sense of remorse or fear or wondering what you are doing…

Go out and observe what happens!

Ultimately embody what you have bought for yourself! Sleep in that dress!

Abundance begins when you begin.

The energy is flowing in right now! Right now as you’re listening to this! Stop saying it is not flowing for you!!! It does ! It is flowing in! You are just taking that energy and distorting it and twisting it into an unnatural state!


Now what do YOU choose to do with it?

Where do you want to drop that seed? What seed do you want to drop?

Have no limitation to the outcome.

When you plant that abundance seed, GIVE IT LIFE!!!


Every creation that you have should be given life and freedom.

That’s what creation is all about.

That’s what Spirit did for you, gave you life and identity and freedom.

When you create with the spirit of abundance, BLESS IT! GIVE IT LIFE!

Watch how it grows in ways that your human mind could never have imagined.

You put a limit on the level of abundance. You can bring it all in!

It is RAW PURE ENERGY! It comes into your reality, you transmute it, without any fancy techniques, and manifest it into your reality. You’re doing this moment right now!!! You are bringing in energy and transmuting it into lack, into pain and suffering, into confusion, darkness or emptiness. You are taking massive amounts of energy and you are converting it into emptiness!

You see what MAGICIANS you are!!!!

You see how abundant you are!

If you want the abundance and the finances in your life, change that!

If it doesn’t seem to be working, ask yourself why.

Perhaps it is guilt. Perhaps you don’t think you’re worthy.

Here is the challenge: can you open your wallet and put $100 on the table? No? You give yourself the barriers and the blocks to abundance!

You want it to happen FOR you, well that wouldn’t make you a Creator would it?! You’re the one who has to make it happen!

Fully embody it so much that you can open that wallet of yours, take that big risk! Invest in the energy of yourself now!

It is about beginning a process and showing that it can work, the amount doesn’t matter.

Abundance begins when you begin!

Identify an area in your life that's already abundant and take that abundance as a starter energy.

An area that’s already abundant to find where the stream is.

The problem here is that you will look at this thing in your life and not give yourself the credit or the thanks for it, you will attribute that abundance to something in the outside (a small inheritance, a gift from another, just a fluke or just luck).

You have to look at it and no matter what it is YOU ARE CREATING THAT.

That’s why we say "go to a slot machine!" Even if you lose! A process has started that will come back in its more natural way to serve you.

It starts a process that manifests it in other times and other places in your life.

YOU ARE ABUNDANT, take account of this.

Abundance begins when you begin!

Do anything, try anything! Get out of those old ways! Identify the fears when they come up. Don’t run from them. Embody them. Understand: they’re just fears! It’s just energy! They are based on experiences from your past. Right now the past is blocking you.

The old belief systems come in and you freeze and everything stops.

Fearlessly play!

It can find its own level. The moment you try to restrict it you limit it. It defeats the purpose. The energy literally really goes into a very interesting type of out of control type of spiral. It comes crashing back down wanting to be given freedom and life force and blessings from you again.

Be bold and fearless! Allow the process!

And change dimensions: from 3D to 5D, from the mind to the heart, from fear to the safe space!

Simply put your energy into something. Without expectation of the outcome. Simply add your life force energy, your blessings, and let it be free.

If you lose your money, what have you really lost?

Do you trust in yourself, your divinity, your spirit enough to know that that energy will re-emerge somewhere else that is more balanced and more appropriate because it cannot leave your vortex?

You’re thinking linearly but energy is not linear, it's multidimensional. Give it freedom and it’ll find its way to the highest level of expression, the easiest, the most graceful, the most fulfilling form of expression.

There is not a direct level of transference of energy from hard work into materialization of abundance.The old paradigm is changing very rapidly.

You’ll find that the ENERGY OUTPUT CAN FAR EXCEED THE ENERGY INPUT. It is a type of New Energy equation.

The New Energy is the BLESSING of energy, not the hardship or the effort or the quantity, IT IS THE BLESSING OF ENERGY THAT MANIFESTS in grand ways!

It is such a grand way of living that maybe you won't feel worthy of it, you'll find that it is too easy.

Abundance begins when YOU begin!

Tobias channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe - The Crimson Circle


Whispers of Love
Angela Hartfield & Josephine Wall


Whispers of Love
Angela Hartfield & Josephine Wall

Abundance as Your Constant Companion

Take a good deep breath.

Very sensual nature of abundance.

Your god-given, spirit-given right.

The moment you had your first awareness: I exist!

Energy that is always present and that knows no limits.

Abundance comes in many forms:
Sensory perception
Gift of life
Feeling of well-being

Abundance responds to your desire to live.

To be an embodied being.

What is your passion to live?
To be here?
Are you choosing life?

If you are the energy comes flowing in proportionally in life-giving proportions.

If you’re not sure about wanting to be alive.
The energy responds appropriately .
It holds back because you’re holding back.

There is a wealth of abundance.

Feel into your own choice to be here.

Just your pure passion to be here, to live, to experience.

If you’re truly choosing this to live and to experience in the fullest manner you’ll start to feel the energy coming in an abundant and full way.

The energy will serve you with richness, fullness and beauty.

If you’re choosing mediocrity, average, limited, shut down, the energy will serve you abundantly with lack.

Are your passionate about life, about you, about existing?

Abundance is directly proportionate to your passion for life, your passion to exist.

If you’re waiting for tomorrow, destiny, fate, the energies will wait also, they’re very literal.

If you’re choosing from a place of trust, then the energy will be there to serve you an abundance of wealth, health, love and beauty.

Energies don’t care about your family, your ability to make money the conventional way. They don’t care about the past or the future. They’re ready. They’re yours. They don’t belong to anyone else. They’re your own personal energies waiting to serve you.

To feel, to sense the I EXIST!

Then the energies wake up and abundance turns into grace. Grace: energies serving you.

No matter what you think, abundance doesn’t come as a result of thinking, visualizing, affirming or even the law of attraction.

It comes as a result for the passion for life, to experience, to be here.

This passion is what ignites the energy.

The energy gift you gave yourself when you became aware of yourself.

Can you receive your abundance right now??

No more mediocrity middle ground average holding back hiding.

Now is the time for abundance in your life, bring all the rich sensual feelings that life has to offer.

It’s up to you about abundance and richness in your life.

Allow yourself to be in life, in passion right now.

No longer thinking, putting limits on yourself, thinking about abundance, worrying about, fearing abundance.

Now comes the time to choose life.

Be outrageous with yourself.

Go beyond what you thought you would do.

Life filled with abundance that is yours!

This is the natural state of being.

Closing yourself down is unnatural.

As you receive what is already yours!

OPEN UP receive what is already yours!

ALLOW yourself to be in life filled with abundance!

Doesn’t matter how it comes, where it comes from.

In beautiful, sensual, unexpected ways.

Stop worrying, thinking, blaming it on others, thinking you’re not worthy.

Take a deep breath right now into the passion, the flame of your soul!

Be outrageous with life and abundance and therefore it will be, it IS!

Live life with abundance as your constant companion.

And so it is.

Adamus St Germain channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe - The Crimson Circle



Tobias via Geoffrey Hoppe - The Crimson Circle


In Greek mythology, the cornucopia, or horn of plenty, provides bountiful riches.



Matthew 6:26


Citrine - Abundance

you are an abundant being
who manifests what you need.

True abundance comes from within.

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle
Judy Hall

Severing Vows of Poverty

With Archangel Raziel's help, presence and support,

I, ____, am willing to sever any vows of poverty that I may have made in previous lifetimes.

I thereby lay down all attachments and vows to physically suffer in a poverty of spirit.

As I sever those vows, all effects of vows of poverty are now undone in all directions of time, healing my financial life.

I now reclaim the freedom and power to recreate my wealth consciousness and to receive my divine quantum inheritance in order to fulfill my heart's desires, for the liberation of all beings.

Archangel Raziel helps unlock deep spiritual wisdom and recall past lives. Always favor work that is for the good of the collective.

Abundance Prayer

Beloved Source,

I ask from the center of my glowing heart and the passion of my soul for divine abundance NOW.

I open myself up to all my gifts and talents and my powers of manifestation.

Thank you for the blessings I am about to receive.

It is so.

Three times for seven days.

These very powerful words trigger a response from the Heart of Source and may the angels bless you.

Diana Cooper

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