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Sophia - Divine Feminine Christ - Ascension
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Elisabeth Beucher

Elisabeth is a spiritual counselor whose holistic and energetic approach includes all the levels of the individual, including the soul, the ancestral lineage and the karmic past.

Elisabeth is certified from the Sexual Energies School which explores the dynamics at play in all abusive relationships: it is becoming critical to understand that every dysfunctional relationship that generates suffering is, at its foundation, an expression of the imbalance of the sexual energies, aka masculine and feminine principles, the underlying duality regulating all exchanges and relationships on our planet. Choosing non-duality, peace, unity implies accomplishing a serious and profound healing work of those two principles. The current lack of information and education around this topic is catastrophic for the well-being of humanity.

Elisabeth is trained to facilitate soul aspect integration (not to be confused with techniques such as "soul retrieval"). Soul aspects can be healthy and operational as well as wounded and fragmented. Those cause self-sabotaging behaviors. They are purely energetic and not subjected to the laws of time and linearity, therefore they can surface from either this lifetime or previous lifetimes.

Elisabeth is also certified from the Conscious Breath Teacher Training. Conscious breathing boosts groundedness, realigns with the soul and promotes a more conscious management of stress and other states such as panic that can be encountered daily.

More recently, Elisabeth has developped a keen interest in crystal therapy and she is now certified from the Certified Crystal Reader Course.

Finally, she is certified from the Angel Intuitive Certification Course.


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Her personal journey was triggered by the death of her father in a car accident in her late twenties. That is when she started therapy with a wonderful Gestalt therapist in Madrid (Spain). This work was motivated by a very strong yearning to heal all her childhood wounds and manifest all her dreams. It took unexpected proportions when she arrived in Greece. That is where she became aware of the brutal demolition of the feminine, its values and its qualities: her more familiar western European environment, which was less obviously hostile to the feminine, had prevented that realization. The cultural contrast that she came across in Greece awoke a deep wound within her which led to her passionate reconnection to the feminine principle and then, to Goddess herself, the Divine Mother Creatrix of all life, Sophia, who came to meet her straight upon her return to France.

This relationship with Sophia very progressively strengthened over the last ten years and is now center stage in her life.

Elisabeth is a former initiate and priestess of the Temples of the Sacred Feminine, a former Atlantean fiercely in love with that great civilization and at home on the lands of the Mediterranean Basin, especially the one now known as Israel, the beloved cradle of her soul (photo albums).

This passionate love for Sophia is what birthed the mission of INTUITIVE DESIGN, one of Elisabeth's dreams to offer the ancient and timeless wisdom of her advanced soul to other souls.

Elisabeth taps into her HSP, Indigo and INFJ power to excel at 1) active and empathic listening, channeling love energy toward the speaker so they can find their own words and occupy all the space, 2) feeling intuitively where the energetic obstacle is to lift it and 3) verbalizing the painful issues to make integration possible. Throughout her sessions, she remains connected to the highest possible frequencies and light beings.

Her success at healing her childhood wounds, manifesting nearly all her dreams (work in progress),  reclaiming her integrity, her friendships with angelic beings and ascended masters, and the unfolding of her own ascension in surrender, synchronicities and magic are what she can share with you to help you know your own energetic impeccability and spiritual enlightenment.


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Teacher of the
Sexual Energies School

Physical, Psychic and Sexual Abuse


Teacher of the
Conscious Breath


Crystal Therapy


Angel Readings


Soul Aspect Integration

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